You can download android wallet from play store, or you can follow this link for easy installation. Download

Every user must sign up the first time to access and use a mobile wallet. Click create an account and complete the registration process. 

On the first login, wallet asks to set a pin as security reason to log in. You must have to Set 4 digit pin code for your account protection.

During the registration process, every user must verify account for authentication. Please click on the link you receive in your email and complete registration.

Yes, you can change your password through the account setting.

Click on the Forget password and follow the instruction.

No! A single device is allowed at the time.

Yes! CLICK ON TRANSACTION BUTTON TO VIEW YOUR RECENT ACTIVITIES CAN I MINE THE OWC COIN ON ANDRIOD WALLET? NO! An android wallet is not allowed for OWC mining, only through the window and Linux wallet.

Every user can transfer OWC from Core to any OWC wallet on the blockchain like QT wallet and Mobile app, merely click transfer from core wallet to Mobile and QT, enter the amount and send, please allow 3 or more confirmation for processing and receiving OWC. Users can also transfer OWC from mobile wallet to QT wallet back to back hassle-free.