Window QT wallet is a desktop application where a user can store send and receive OWC coin around the world. Qt Wallet is ODUWA core wallet that allows users to collect, send OWC while staking in the mining pool for a reward.

Yes- QT wallet allow mining as Proof of stake.

Yes- 2000 OWC Staking is required for mining.

Just deposit your QT wallet with 2000 OWC coin and open the wallet for 24/7. 8 Hours Minimum is required.

You can download here Download

There is no limit. You can create as much wallet you want. That is free.

You can set encryption passcode to secure your fund.

You can create a backup of your wallet by following the commands

  • 1. Open Run command in a window
  • 2. Than type %APPdata% press enter
  • 3. On Oduwacoin folder. You have to copy the .bat file or all file to secure backup